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EIT Food

Lund University is a core partner in EIT Food

EIT Food is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) supported by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT).

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. EIT Food seeks to transform the way in which we produce, distribute and consume food throughout Europe to improve consumer confidence and health.

EIT Food is a unique network of diverse partners that provide a holistic view of the food value chain. The network consists of over 50 partners, including key industry playsers, universities, research centers and agrifood startups from across Europe, all working together to deliver an innovative and entrepreneurial Food sector.

EIT Food has the ambition to:

  • support European consumers in the transition towards a smart Food system that is inclusive and reassuring.

  • enable consumers to make informed and affordable personal nutrition choices.

  • develope a digital Food Supply network with consumers and industry as equal partners.

  • develope solutions to transform the traditional 'produce-use-dispose' model into a circular bio-economy.

  • provide 'food system' skills for students, entrepreneurs and professionals through advanced training programmes.
  • support startups and investing in the most promising businesses with the most brilliant ideas to contribute to the future of our Food.




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Contact information

Yvonne Granfeldt

Director, EIT Food Lund University

+46 70 569 33 75 


Henrik Søndergaard

Coordinator, EIT Food Lund University EIT Food Innovation Contact
+45 93565536


Helena Ljusberg

Research Impact Support
+46 76 851 96 15


Hilde Skar Olsen

Communications Officer

+46 790 631 683